The Priesthood

The past week I have been able to receive a priesthood blessing & witness one being performed.

Last Sunday, Nov. 29th, I started throwing up at about 8:30am. I didn't feel well enough to go to church so I stayed home & rested. Later on that night my dad offered to give me a priesthood. So Nick & my dad were able to give me a blessing of the sick. I really felt the spirit & had faith that I would be getting better. Well that night did not go well.

The next morning I ended up going to the Insta Care because I could tell something wasn't right. We got there a little after 11 am. They said I was really dehydrated and needed to get fluids. So they started an IV of medicine. After the first bag I was feeling a little better but not by much. By 6:30 that night I was ready to go home after receiving 4 bags of medicine/fluids. I am so grateful that Nick was able to take me. I was so weak and couldn't have done it without him. He is the best! Don't worry I got better and feel much better this Sunday!

My second experience was when my dad asked for a blessing to be performed by Ben, Nick, Issac, Brett & Ivan. This was a very moving experience for me. My dad is going to be getting a procedure done this week and asked for the men to give him a blessing to ease his mind and help prepare him for the procedure. I felt the spirit so strong as my younger brother offered the blessing. I could tell that it meant a lot to him to be able to do something like that for my dad. I think in someway everyone in that room was able to have a testimony building experience. Especially my nephew Jacob.

After the blessing he continually circled the room making sure that everyone was folding their arms for prayer. He then went over to Brett and pointed at Brett's head. Jacob then put this hands on Brett's head as if he were giving Brett a blessing. It was amazing to see how he knows how to act during a prayer/blessing. I can just imagine what a wonderful priesthood leader Jacob will be. I know he won't remember that experience but I will.


First week in Utah

Well it has been a fun, busy & exciting first week of being in Utah.

Last Friday, October 30th, Nick started coming down with a cough when we were driving/moving down to UT. That night I was able to see two of my three sisters, and both of my brothers.

Saturday, otherwise known as Halloween, Nick and I got some moving stuff done. Nick stayed home the rest of the day while I went to my brother, Dave's, triplex that he owns and is in the process of renovating one of the apartments. All of my siblings were there helping tape around the baseboards so he can paint them. It was nice to work together as a family and enjoy each others company. That night I went to the trunk or treat at my parent's/our new ward. It was good to see some familiar faces. Halloween night I spent it with my hubby, Ben (my younger brother), my parents, and Chris & Elise (family friends). We played the game True Colors. It was a lot of fun. We all laughed pretty hard. We also watched a movie but I don't even remember what it was. Man, I'm only 25 & my memory is already failing me.

Sunday, Nick was still not feeling well so he stayed home from church. We received a new bishopric. Meaning my dad was released from 1st counselor & was made a High Counselmen. After words we went to Jenny & Brett's, my sister & brother-in-law, because he was made a Bishop. So we had a little dinner at their house.

Monday, Nov 2nd, I did some laundry, ran errands, made dinner. I think my mom was happy that dinner was done by the time she got home. That night my mom & I went grocery shopping. After unloading the groceries we watched Dancing with the Stars. She really likes watching Donny Osmond.

Tuesday, Nov 3rd, finally unpacked all mine & Nick's clothes!!!! That was a huge accomplishment for me. Execpt our winter clothes are in storage & I really don't feel like digging through the storage bay to find them. That night I had dinner ready again for my parents!

Wednesday, Nov 4th, I went down to Jenny's, my oldest sister. She teaching a preschool out of her home and she wasn't feeling well enough to teach so I helped teach her classes. Came back home so I could help set up for our Enrichment night. It was combined with the Young Women in Excellence, w/dinner. It was yummy.

Thursday, Nov 5th, helped Nick get some stuff done to turn in applications. Went to my mom's school. Had lunch with her. helped my mom grade papers & with a science activity. We went to my mom's parents house, aka grandma & grandpa Anderson, and made dinner for them. My grandparents have been having a hard time, physically. We stayed after dinner and watched Jeopardy. I always loved watching Jeopardy with my grandpa growing up because he always knows the questions to all the answers.

Friday, Nov 6th, continued to help Nick turn in applications. He has been doing awesome. I think he turned in about 10 applications this week. Thanks to everyone who has been letting us know about any job openings. It's been a big help. We went to Jenny's with my parents that afternoon/evening. We celebrated Brett's birthday which is this Monday the 9th. We played apples to apples and had cake.

Saturday, Nov 7th, we-Nick, my mom & I-went to grandma & grandpa A's to help clean. We were only there for about an hour or so but it was nice to visit. Grandpa A & Nick watched the BYU vs. Wyoming game while my mom and I helped my grandma. When we got home I helped my mom make lunch. BYU won 52-0!!! Needless to say Nick was happy the rest of the day. Went and helped Dave & Ashley, my older brother & my sister-in-law, move to their new home. They are the ones that we are going to be living with while I am taking care of the twin boys. We got home at 8:15 and we were exhausted.

Sunday, Nov 8th, Had a wonderful primary program. Children just have a way of touching my heart. They all did such a wonderful job. And it was fun to see the funny faces that they were making. Helped Dave & Ashley with more moving. More like Nick was moving and I watched, until we got the their new house and then I helped wipe down the cabinets and do some other cleaning in the kitchen. The last owners did not clean it out well before they moved. Came home and my mom had the dinner ready this time. I love my mom's Sunday dinners! Now I am working on a present for Ashley's little boys & watching tv with Nick & my parents.

I am going to try to be better at making this a journal and updating it more since I now have internet access!! Sorry if they get a little boring but I will try to take more pics to include with the posts.

P.S. to our Montana Friends-We miss you guys like crazy and I already want to plan a trip to come and visit but I don't know if it will be before the holidays. Hope all is well with you and please keep in touch!


A lot has been happening!

Well were do I start? I guess the beginning of the story would be best.

On Friday Sept. 25th the economy stuggle really hit home for the Joyner family. Nick was laid off work and we had a really long talk about what to do and where to go from here. Over the weekend we thought a lot about what to do and how to handle the situation. We are now looking at it as a blessing in disguise. We have decided to move to Utah on October 30 were I will be a nanny for my twin nephews that will be born in December. My brother and sister in law asked us a while back to do this and we agreed but needed to look for a job for Nick. We still don't have any prospects on a job in Utah but my adorable husband is very stong willed and positive as am I. I know this is a lot of information to take in but if anyone has hears of any jobs in the Box Elder, Weber, Davis or Salt Lake counties please let us know. It would be greatly apprecitated!

I will miss Montana, but Nick says, I'm starting to get trunkie. I'm ready for the next chapter of my life. I will especially miss all of the great people I have met here especially my friends. Thanks to all of your support, especially at this time in our lives. I better stop now because I am getting teary eyed thinking about leaving Montana.

So next time you here from us we will most likely be living in Utah, seeing how we don't have easy access to the internet.


South Carolina

We had to make an emergency trip to South Carolina the end of August/beginning of September. Nick's dad was not doing well. We made the long 36 hour trip with Nick's brother, Jason, SueAnne, & their daughter Rachael. The trip was long and we were glad to get out of the car and spend time with family. Nick's dad is doing better. We just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers & support. It was much needed and used. Thanks!

While we were in S.C. we did get to do some fun things such as:

go to the beach (1st time in the Atlantic ocean!)

meet & hold my niece Savanah (can you tell I'm sitting in a hospital chair?)

get a front row seat of Nick's fashion show!

& go shopping at the outlet mall (it just happened to be right across the street from our hotel.) & the Market Street vendors & shops. There was a candy store that made salt water taffy & wrapped it. The video shows it better than me trying to explain it.


Mountain Tops & Monster Trucks

Last Saturday, Aug 22nd, Nick & I woke up pretty early, 6 am, to hike Mount Helena. It took us about a little over an hour to get to the top. And about 30 mins to get down. Here are some pics of the excursion.

Here we are at the top of Mt Helena.

Video of the city of Helena from Nick.

The survey spike on the top of the mountain.

That night Nick & I met up with some friends and their two adorable boys at the Monster Truck Rally! Nick & I have never been to one before and it was a lot of fun. Here are some pics!

These two videos the monster truck flipped & Nick caught it on video! All in all we had a great Saturday that we spent together. We haven't done it in a while.


August...so far

I can't believe I am finally caught up on my blog. Woohooo!

Nick's Birthday was on the 5th. I took off a 1/2 day without telling him so I could frost his cake I baked the night before, and take it to his work. Well low and behold he was home when I got home. So no cake for him at work. Oh well. I wanted to take him to the golf range and let him hit a bucket of balls but it was raining! We didn't see any movies at the theatre that we thought was worth seeing. So off to the bowling alley. We played two games. It was a lot of fun. I don't remember the last time the two of us went bowling. Too bad I didn't take my camera. We went home and I made him his favorite for dinner, that being lasagna w/french bread. While eating dinner we watched a movie that we picked up on the way home, Obessed-with Beyonce Knowles. It was ok.

On the 6th, I had to go in and get some more work done on my mouth. They put in a sort of "screw" where my baby tooth used to be. It actually didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. They did give me some Ativan before to calm my nerves. That stuff works really good. And I only had to take Ibprofen & Tylenol. Nick was nice and took care of me the rest of the night.

On the 7th we went down to Idaho Falls, ID and visited my grandparents. I was lucky enough to get to see my Aunt Nicole & her adorable daughter Olivia. That night we went to Jason & SueAnne & Rachael's in Rexburg. I love that we are able to see them often. It so funny to see what Rachael is doing and what she's learning. On Saturday the 8th we went to the Idaho Falls temple, Rexburg temple was closed for cleaning. The session was packed. I had never seen so many people in one session. I know there were 2 or 3 missionaries & 1 or 2 family sealings. Think of all the work that got done that day! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. After the temple we met up the Jason, SueAnne & Rachael on the River walk on the Snake River. They were having some festivities that day and thought we'd join in on the fun. After ice cream at Shari's restaraunt, SueAnne & I left the boys and went material shopping. I have some baby gifts that I need to work on and I knew that JoAnn's was having a sale that weekend! I got 8 yards of fabric for about $21. I saved about $20 or so because of the sale. Once we got back to Rexburg we went and got some dinner at Grengo's-I don't think I spelled that right. Went back to the house and crashed for the night. Sunday we went to church and when we got home noticed that our tire on our car was totally flat. Nick changed the tire and saw that there was a screw or nail in it. So in to Idaho Falls to Walmart, because all of the tire shops in Rexburg were closed. Got the tire fixed and got on with our day. SueAnne & Jason made a great Sunday dinner. Even with homemade rolls! To finish off our visit to Rexburg we went on a bike ride. It was fun and good to get some exercise.

On the 10th it was mustache Monday at the Helena Brewers. Nick has been growing his for about 2 mos. I actually helped Nick cut his beard/mustache Sunday night. Here are some pics of his award winning beard & stache. He even got a "Brewy" award. It is now sitting on a shelf in our apartment.

So that is what the Montana Joyner's have been up to so far in August.


First there is the Fourth of July! We went boating with some friends! It was a blast. It doesn't seem like we get together as often as we used to but when we do we are guaranteed a good time! Thanks Seth & Kristin for letting us come with you and use your awesome boat! That night we went out to a members house in our ward who puts on their own firework show. This is the fourth year we went and we have never been disappointed.

Then of course is our Anniversary on July 19th, which is also Nick's dad's Birthday! We were able to go to Billings, MT for 2 nights. On Friday night we went to a baseball game. It was Billings Mustangs against Orem Owls.

Saturday We were able to go do a session at the temple. For the past three years now we have been able to go to the temple on or around our anniversary!

That night we went to HuHot for our anniversary dinner. It is a all you can eat Mongolian grill. It was really good!

(Above: HuHot restaurant, Nick playing with the gong, us at dinner, Nick checking out the bill!)

July 24th our stake did a dinner and had pioneer kid games. It was fun. Afterword we went to the county fair, to say that we've been. Nothing too exciting. There was a rodeo that I wanted to go to but tickets were extremely expensive for the level of rodeo that it was.

On July 30th, my parents & my lil brother, Ben, came up to visit for the weekend. They haven't been up in the summer and wanted to do the things that are closed in October, when they usually come up. On the 30th we were able to see the last part of the baseball game, after we got some good Papa Murphy's pizza!

On Friday the 31st, I had to work unfortunately, but my family was able to go up to Glacier NP. They even got to see a big horn sheep. I was so jealous. That night was relay for life. I signed up for the 9-10 time slot. My family met me there and walked with me. Nick joined us after he was done at work and walked with us. We walked till about 10:30pm. I think all together we walked a total of 33 laps, that's just for 5 people!

Saturday we went to Gates of the Mountain! That's one thing my mom really wanted to do. It was fun & warm. We even got a little sunburned! Afterward we went to lunch at L & D's Chinese buffet. Nick met us there. It was delicious. That night the fam helped me do Nick's b-day shopping & then we headed of to the baseball game! It was a good game except that we lost.

On Sunday we didn't do a whole lot. Went to church. Ben was able to reunite with a senior missionary he knew from his mission. They live in my ward how crazy is that? We had Bro. Martin over for dinner. It was good to get to know him a little better and to hear their mission stories. That night we went for a drive & then played games! What would a Sunday be without games?

Monday the fun had to come to an end, after Ben, Nick & Bro. Martin hiked Mount Helena!

So there you have it! The happenings of July!


Oh my goodness! June was two months ago and I am trying to remember what I did. I think the only thing I actually did was go to Utah to see my sister for her Birthday. I went by myself because Nick had to work. The drive was not very fun. But it was nice to get to my parents house!

I went and saw my sister, Jenny, the following day. It was really funny because as I was getting closer to her house I called her to see how she was doing and to make sure she was going to be home without asking her. When I got to her house I rang the doorbell when I was still on the phone. She asked me to hold on for a minute because someone was at the door. She opened the door and said, "Oh my gosh! What the heck are you doing here?" She looked at her phone then looked and me and figured she could hang up the phone. Her reaction was priceless! That day we had a lot of fun. Especially her car breaking down on us and sweating! It sounds bad but it gave us a chance to talk & catch up. That night Jenny & Brett took me out to a really good Indian restraunt in Bountiful, UT. Then we went up to Ogden for the highlight of the night! Jenny did IFLY! It was awesome! Unfortunately my batteries on my camera died and I was unable to take pics. But if any of you know Jenny you should ask her if you can watch the DVD.

Friday night I spent the night at their house. Worked on a project for Nick for Father's Day. The next day I found out that my co-worker, Jen, had her baby! She wasn't due for another month! My parents came down the Jenny's house w/one of my mom's friends from school and her two daughters. We all went out to lunch at Ethel & ? in Lehi. It was really good. Be careful of the shakes. They are huge!!! After lunch my parents and I ran over to Jenny's surprise party at her in-laws! She had no idea. Good job Brett!! After the party I took my brother, Ben, back to my sister, Jessica, house so he could go to work. On the way he took my past the new Oquirh Mt. temple. It was beautiful. We even saw a little bit of black on the angel Moroni from when it was struck by lightning. Stopped at the huge distribution center in SLC. Then dropped Ben of at Jessica's house.

Went back to my parents house played a little WII fit. Hung out with the parents. My brother, David, & his wife, Ashley, came over. It was good to see them! Jessica, Ivan & Jacob were there too! I got to see all of my siblings except for Cami who was stuck in Ephraim.

Was able to spend a great Father's Day with my dad! I think the last time I spend Father's Day with my dad was about 6 or so years ago. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend the time with Nick.

I came back home on Monday the 22nd. The opening day for baseball was the 23rd and I really wanted to be there for Nick since I wasn't at opening day the year before, due to a family reunion in UT. So since June 23rd I haven't seen a lot of my awesome husband. But when we do see each other we try to have as much fun as we can!

So there are the happening for June!



The beginning of May me and two girlfriends went to Billings to Time Out for Women. If you haven't gone I highly recommend it. It was amazing and I received some answers that I was looking for. We had a great time. Especially the great stories that were told that made us cry that we were laughing so hard. Hilary Weeks was the main musical performer. Jenny Oaks Baker, violinist, was there on Friday night w/her step-mom, Kristin Oaks. It was wonderful. I can't remember all of the speakers names but they were all so good. Nick was nice enough to let me take that opportunity to go. It really helped me spiritually.

Then the day came when I turned a quarter of a century old, my little sister reminded me in the card she sent me. At the time I was a little depressed because it didn't seem I am at the place in my life that I feel I want to be at. Didn't feel like I really got a lot accomplished in my 24 years so far. But I still have a lot of years to go so that I can improve and become the person I want to be.

On May 25th we moved into a new little apartment, yes still in Helena. It was too expensive to live in our apartment during the winter. So we are now saving money so that we can hopefully start our family sooner rather than later.

On Memorial day, after moving that morning, we went out with some friends to a lake and were able to do a little bbq & smores. It was a lot of fun. It had been too long since we were able to get together with them. It's always nice to get together with friends and hangout with them.

On May 30th, a really good family friend got married to the sweetest girl. I wasn't able to go the ceremony but I did go to the reception. It was so good to see them & the wonderful decision they made to be married in the temple. I am so proud of you Chris & Elise!



In April I had my wisdom teeth and a baby tooth removed. I was out of work for 2 days. The first day was not much fun at all, except I didn't feel a thing during the procedure. I found out that I don't have tolerance for hydrocodon. So basically, I was sick for about 10 or so hours, and couldn't keep anything down. Poor Nick had to come home from work to help me a couple of times. Could thing he lives close to work. And he did such a good job taking care of me. Thanks honey! Later into the next week my jaw, chin & throat were bruised from the procedure. Let's just say I'm glad that's over with. Oh! Nick got me flowers! Aren't they beautiful?!

The week after I had my dental work done I mad this really cute vinyl lettering/hanging thing at Relief Society. I think it's really cute.

The weekend after I had my teeth taken out we were able to go to Rexburg and visit Nick's brother, Jason, and his wife, SueAnn, and their daughter Rachel. It was Easter weekend and it was nice to spend it with family. We were able to see Jason's improv comedy group on Saturday night after a fun filled day w/the fam. Nick's Aunt Marlene & cousin Terrie were able to come up from UT on Friday and see Jason's show on Saturday night as well. It was good to see them as well. It was the first time I met Terrie. It's nice to get to know Nick's relatives that I don't know that well.

And last but not least, my hair finally got long enough to donate to locks of love. So here is my hair that I donated & my new do.



In March we had a little excitement in the Carlson Family, my side. My baby sister was married to Isaac W. on March 6 (so the date would be 3/6/09!). We were able to spend a couple of days there before heading back to the tundra that we call home. (hopefully I can get some of the beautiful pics of Cami's wedding soon! or you can check out her blog!)

Then my "baby" brother came to visit for the spring break holiday. Let's just say we stayed inside a lot. We did get to go bowling and walked around in the single digit weather. While he was here it was during the March Madness. I remember one night the team that we were watching, UCONN I believe, went in to 6 or so overtimes. It was crazy. It was nice to have him here. It's always nice to have company especially when we live at least 4 hours from the closest family.

I know

It's been a while but just wanted to let everyone know that we are alive and doing well. I will fill you in later on the happenings of us. But for now I have to go because my time on the computer has run out. Until next time...



So Nick and I watched a very good movie the other night. It was done by Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Georgia. They are the same people that did "FACING THE GIANTS". Fireproof is about a married couple who are drifting apart. I think every couple needs to watch this, even if they aren't having problems. It reminded me of my priorities & what most important to me and my marriage. Again, I highly recommend this movie to everyone.


In with the NEW!!

To some of you this may be a bit of old news but to most of you it is new. A little over a month ago Nick and I finally invested in bedroom furniture!! We have owned a bed frame but not headboard,footboard,ralls and all that other good stuff. So here is some pics of our new bedroom furniture! (Thank you Costco!)

Also in February I had to get glasses. I was actually sort of depressed about it. I've always had perfect vision and within the past couple of months I noticed it was harder to see things far away. So thankfully I don't have to wear them all the time, I just have to wear them for distance.


My Baby Girl Blanket

You remember a while ago when I posted pics of the baby girl burp cloths? And said I would post pics of the blanket when I got done with it? Well I finished it probably 2-3 weeks ago. So here are the pics. I am actually really proud of myself for finishing it. And proud of my mom for teaching me some of the stitches. Thanks mom!!

Cami's Bridal Shower (Belated pics)

So when we were down in UT @ Christmas the sisters and my mom threw a early bridal shower for my baby sis, Cami! Here are the belated pics
Me (making her "hat"), Cami w/her two soon to be nieces and my mom.
Cami got a little embarresed when she got some lingerie but I know she will really like it.
Cami's cute bow hat and her two soon to be nieces.
I can't believe my baby sister is getting married....this coming friday!!! wow how time flies! We love you Cam's and wish you the best of luck with your wedding and marriage. Enjoy the ride!


The belated Christmas Pics

We had the opportunity to spend two weeks with family for Christmas & New Year's!! And we were also able to see both sides of the family! Here are some pics of the things that we were able to do.

This is my nephew Jacob. He was a lot of fun to play with!My Mom gave my Dad Guitar Hero for Christmas so this is them playing it together!! Oh How Sweet!!

Sorry these ones might be a little blurry. We went to see the lights @ Temple Square as a family. It was a lot of fun. The first pic is of Nick & I. The Second is of my sisters Jessica & Cami & Cami's fiance Isaac. The third is one of my favs is of my "little" brother Ben! (silly Nick is in the background...barely:)) And last but not least a pic of one of my favorite temples the Salt Lake City Temple!

This little video is sort of funny. Just don't listen to closely to my voice it sounds sort of funny. This is a video of Nick making Jacob laugh and make funny sounds. It was very entertaining!

This is my oldest sister Jenny & me outside the Mount Timpanogas Temple. And the second is Nick & I of course. We were trying to dodge the three wedding photographers that were in front of us taking pics.

Christmas Treats

Here's a pic of some of the treats I made this year. Thanks Jen for the Santa cookie idea & the peppermint/cany cane fudge idea too! And Thanks to Susan for helping me make the Santa cookies! It was a lot of fun


The very late Christmas letter

Dear Family and Friends,

As we look back on 2008 we realize that we have seen many changes for the Joyner family. With a brother home from a mission, new nephew, potential niece, and a new sister-in-law we can't believe how much our family has expanded!

Heather has had the opportunity to see her family every three months this year. It started off with a baby blessing and a homecoming in March. The baby blessing was for Heather's sister, which makes it nephew #2 for us. And the homecoming was of her brother, who returned from the Hartford Connecticut mission.

In June, it was the Anderson Family Reunion (heather's maternal side of the family) held in Snowbird, Utah. Heather enjoyed seeing family she hadn't seen in two years or more, not to mention the late nights playing games. Unfortunately, Nick had just started his third season in concessions for the Helena Brewers and missed out on all the fun.

July we celebrated our third anniversary with a trip to Spokane, WA. We had fun eating at diner set to a 1950's theme, shopping, and watching the new batman movie on the IMAX. We also found out that one of Nick's brother became a foster parent for a little girl and is currently in the process of adopting her.

We added a sister-in-law in August when one of Nick's younger brothers got married in the Rexburg, Idaho Temple. It also turned into a mini-family reunion for Nick's family that lives in the west and his mother met them in Rexburg.

In September we made a surprise trip to Utah to visit family of both Nick and Heather's. And in October, Heather's parents came for a visit. We took them to the old Montana Prison, and up to the top of Mount Helena.

Heather is still working at the Cancer Treatment Center. For the most part loving her job. She loves working with the patients and seeing them overcome this trial that they have in their life. It gives her great strength to realize that life has a lot to offer and we shouldn't take it for granted.

Nick is still serving as the Elders Quorum Secretary, and Heather has just been called to Cub Scouting after serving all year in the nursery. She looks forward to going to Relief Society and figuring out what happens in Cub Scouts.

As this year comes to an end we hope that this season the Lord will bless you and your family with much happiness and joy.

With Love,

The Montana Joyner’s


Way too Long!

We'll I guess I should post some stuff since it has been way overdue. First here is a pic of the wreath and swag that I made, with my friend Aimee, before Christmas. I will put up some pic of our trip to Utah but they will probably be in a different post.