In March we had a little excitement in the Carlson Family, my side. My baby sister was married to Isaac W. on March 6 (so the date would be 3/6/09!). We were able to spend a couple of days there before heading back to the tundra that we call home. (hopefully I can get some of the beautiful pics of Cami's wedding soon! or you can check out her blog!)

Then my "baby" brother came to visit for the spring break holiday. Let's just say we stayed inside a lot. We did get to go bowling and walked around in the single digit weather. While he was here it was during the March Madness. I remember one night the team that we were watching, UCONN I believe, went in to 6 or so overtimes. It was crazy. It was nice to have him here. It's always nice to have company especially when we live at least 4 hours from the closest family.

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