New Years Resolutions

One of my resolutions this year it to blog again. It has been far too long since I have posted or even been on here.

Just a little update on the Joyner Clan

Nick & I have now been married for 12 1/2 years! We have had our ups & downs but I wouldn't want to go through life without anyone else!

Nick has been working for almost 8 years, in February, with a wireless company in their customer service department.

Me, I am a stay at home mom to my 3 beautiful girls! I try to exercise & watch what I eat mostly to loose some weight but also to help me feel sane. I signed up with a wonderful company, Monat, about 6 months ago. They are an anti aging botanically based haircare company. I absolutely love their products! I am really trying hard to persue my dreams & earn enough money so that I can go to cosmetology school! If you would like a nice relaxing hair wash or some samples, if you live further away, I'd be more than happy to help you pamper yourself!

Rebekah is now 7 & in the 2nd grade. She currently goes to a dual immersion school that has French & English. She is doing awesome & loves her teachers!

Sarah is 4 years old! She is in preschool 2 days a week. She loves making friends with her classmates & adores her teacher!

Hannah is 18 mos old. She loves to play with her big sisters & her sisters love to make her laugh! And is now in nursery in church!

I will try to post again this week to let you know of the happenings we've had this past week. Just wanted to give a little brief update on our family now of 5!



The end of February Nick's Grandma D passed away. Her funeral and graveside services where in Dallas. We decided it would be cheaper if we rent a mini van & drove straight through. Man was that easier said then done.

Nick drove to Rexburg & picked up his brother Travis & their family on Wednesday February 23rd. Then we left in the early afternoon of Thursday February 24th. We had 4 adults (& my sis-in-law was pregnant), 1 18 mos old & 1 7 mos old. It was quite the journery. Before we even got to Price, my sweet niece got sick. I think it was because of the canyon road. The rest of the journey went fairly well. Yes it was hard to sleep but we were on a deadline.

We arrived in Dallas on Friday the 25th at about 1 pm. Had lunch with the whole family-everyone that had arrived that is. Got some funeral things done. Rebekah & I were able to meet some of the Gentry relatives. It was nice to put a name with a face. Then the whole family went out to dinner. Saturday the 26th was Grandma D's funeral. It was small & simple but that is probably how Grandma wanted it. Nick was asked to dedicate her grave. He did a wonderful job & I know how happy & proud Grandma would have been.

We spent the rest of Saturday together as a family. It was nice to see everyone & wished that it was under different circumstances but oh well. We all said our goodbyes on Sunday the 27th & started the journey back.

On the way back we weren't on such a time crunch to get back so we actually found a place to stay in Albuqurque, NM. And finally arrived home at about 9 pm Monday the 28th.

Granma D will be missed but I knew it was her time to go. She was such a great lady & was always sweet to everyone! She will truly be missed. We love you Grandma D.

*sorry but I didn't take any pics that I could find. If any of my sis in laws read this & have some pics you would like to share that would be awesome!


First Swim Party!

For my nephew Jacob's birthday we went swimming. Even though it was in February we went to an inside pool & had a lot of fun. Rebekah was ok with it. She didn't seem scared just content.

I just love those piercing blue eyes!

6 mos old!

Just some fun pictures of Rebekah when she was 6 mos old! Nick loves the Baseball outfit. I thought it looked a little boyish but Nick told be just put a bow on her & it will look fine! I personally love the Harley Davidson clothes with the beanie & blanket.


Blog Update...Finally-Christmas 2010

Wow I can't believe that I haven't updated since before Christmas. I've been busy but also lazy. Here are some pics of our Christmas festivities!

Our family Christmas Pictures 2010!

Baking day with the girls @ my mom's. Look at all those delicious treats!

Lights & temple square 2010!

Playing in the famous Johnny Jumper @ grandma & grandpa C's.

We celebrated our Christmas, Christmas Eve morning. We stayed the night @ grandma & grandpa C's for Christmas morning.

Grandma C, Uncle Ben & Rebekah. Santa brought Rebekah a glow worm. She loves it!


The first 5 months

Some cute pics of cute little Rebekah


In September we were able to get a lot of pics of extended family. So here they are!
The above pics where taken at Nick's Aunt Marlene's house. Nick's cousin Heather & her husband Bradley blessed their baby, Hailey, so we were able to see Nick's Aunt Maureen & Uncle Earl from South Carolina. Rebekah was able to meet her Great Grandma Joyner that was also here for the blessing. It was so good to see family for this happy occassion. It's crazy to think that Rebekah & Hailey are only a little over a month apart! Crazy!
This pic is of Rebekah, my Grandpa Carlson, Me & my Grandma Carlson. They were in town for my cousin Cindy's wedding. Let me just say I love generation pics!