So Nick and I watched a very good movie the other night. It was done by Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Georgia. They are the same people that did "FACING THE GIANTS". Fireproof is about a married couple who are drifting apart. I think every couple needs to watch this, even if they aren't having problems. It reminded me of my priorities & what most important to me and my marriage. Again, I highly recommend this movie to everyone.


In with the NEW!!

To some of you this may be a bit of old news but to most of you it is new. A little over a month ago Nick and I finally invested in bedroom furniture!! We have owned a bed frame but not headboard,footboard,ralls and all that other good stuff. So here is some pics of our new bedroom furniture! (Thank you Costco!)

Also in February I had to get glasses. I was actually sort of depressed about it. I've always had perfect vision and within the past couple of months I noticed it was harder to see things far away. So thankfully I don't have to wear them all the time, I just have to wear them for distance.


My Baby Girl Blanket

You remember a while ago when I posted pics of the baby girl burp cloths? And said I would post pics of the blanket when I got done with it? Well I finished it probably 2-3 weeks ago. So here are the pics. I am actually really proud of myself for finishing it. And proud of my mom for teaching me some of the stitches. Thanks mom!!

Cami's Bridal Shower (Belated pics)

So when we were down in UT @ Christmas the sisters and my mom threw a early bridal shower for my baby sis, Cami! Here are the belated pics
Me (making her "hat"), Cami w/her two soon to be nieces and my mom.
Cami got a little embarresed when she got some lingerie but I know she will really like it.
Cami's cute bow hat and her two soon to be nieces.
I can't believe my baby sister is getting married....this coming friday!!! wow how time flies! We love you Cam's and wish you the best of luck with your wedding and marriage. Enjoy the ride!