Wedding...Part 2

Here are some pics from Travis & Dora's wedding in Rexburg, ID. Thanks SueAnn for emailing them to me.
Travis & Dora. The happy couple.

Four of the Seven Joyner Boys. Jason, Nick, Tomas & Travis.

Pic of the new addition to the family. Notice I'm not that short!!! (I was wearing heels)



This past weekend we went to Rexburg, Idaho to Travis' wedding, Nick's younger brother. Unfortunately I left my temple recommend in Mt. I didn't even realize it until we pulled up to the temple. I heard the ceremony and the words of wisdom were wonderful. We were able to hang out and spend time with half of his family from Friday to early Sunday morning. A little sleep deprieved but it was worth it.



Man I love the olympics, especially the gymnastics!!! I was able to watch the last competition last night. Shawn Johnson & Nastia Luiken both did amazing. Inside I was screaming the Shawn would win gold. And I guess they heard me all the way in Beijing. SHE WON!!! I actually started to cry. She received, I believe, 2-3 silver medals and this was her last opportunity to win gold and she did it. Way to go Shawn!!!
I do feel really bad for Lolo Jones. She ran the hurdles last night and was doing incredible until the ninth hurdle. Her heel caught on it and she lost the race coming in 7th I believe. A US runner, Don ?, still won gold but a part of me still felt really bad for Lolo.



Man am I thankful for wonderful friends especially my sisters. They always call at the right time when I need to talk to someone. Yesterday I was a little depressed, for multiple reasons, and Jessica, my sister, called and even though I didn't feel like talking she helped me feel so much better by just venting a little. Thanks Jess!! Then when I was getting ready for bed and trying to fall asleep I started crying just of the stresses that I have been having lately and Nick let me just talk it out and tried to make me feel better. Man I am so blessed! Thanks to all my friends for being there when I have needed it. You guys are awesome.


Happy Birthday Honey!!

To my wonderful husband, Happy Birthday! He has always been there for me especially when I need him to comfort me or make me laugh. He is really good at making me laugh. I love how he loves to serve those around him. I am so glad that I married him. He will be the one that I wake up to & see every day for the rest of my life. The only one that I go to bed with. He is my best friend. Happy Birthday Nick!


Happy Anniversary!

Here are some pics of our anniversary trip to Spokane. Enjoy!

The Imax theatre that we saw The Dark Night in. It was awesome and that is the only thing that Nick really wanted to do for our anniversary while we were there.

On the gondala ride.

The view from the gondala ride. It was only the two of us and it was pretty romantic!

On the tour train of Riverfront park.

View of the world fair of '74 from Canada Island.

We started off the day of our anniversary by going to the Spokane Temple. It was awesome. We actually spent about 4 hours there. It was so worth it especially because we live pretty far away from one.

I convinced Nick to get a pic by the Gonzaga University sign. . . even though it wasn't a BYU sign.

Nick enjoying his yummy bannana shake!

Our anniversary lunch. It was at a cute little diner called Wolffy's. Very yummy! Sweet kisses from my handsome husband. This is our anniversary dinner @ Red Robin. Anniversary dinner @ Red Robin!