First Swim Party!

For my nephew Jacob's birthday we went swimming. Even though it was in February we went to an inside pool & had a lot of fun. Rebekah was ok with it. She didn't seem scared just content.

I just love those piercing blue eyes!

6 mos old!

Just some fun pictures of Rebekah when she was 6 mos old! Nick loves the Baseball outfit. I thought it looked a little boyish but Nick told be just put a bow on her & it will look fine! I personally love the Harley Davidson clothes with the beanie & blanket.


Blog Update...Finally-Christmas 2010

Wow I can't believe that I haven't updated since before Christmas. I've been busy but also lazy. Here are some pics of our Christmas festivities!

Our family Christmas Pictures 2010!

Baking day with the girls @ my mom's. Look at all those delicious treats!

Lights & temple square 2010!

Playing in the famous Johnny Jumper @ grandma & grandpa C's.

We celebrated our Christmas, Christmas Eve morning. We stayed the night @ grandma & grandpa C's for Christmas morning.

Grandma C, Uncle Ben & Rebekah. Santa brought Rebekah a glow worm. She loves it!