It's been a while. . .

Wow time just gets by us way too fast.
On Oct. 1-5 my parents came up and visited us. Even though we saw them the week before I was nice to have some company come see us. Here are some pics of what we did.
On Thurs Oct 2, we took a drive to Deer Lodge, MT and took a tour of the Prison & car museum. Both were a lot of fun, especially when Nick scared my Mom when in a dark scary part of the jail. LOL! Love you Mom.
DAVE was here! My mom never told me that!
My Dream Car! Probably the closest I'll ever get to owning a Shelby GT 500.
When I saw this car it reminded me of Travis. Hope you like it!
Friday the 3rd, we hiked Mount Helena! I was pretty hard but I felt like I accomplished something! Plus I got to cross off something that I wanted to do while we are in Montana.
The following week, Oct 9-11, Nick was at League Meetings in Idaho Falls. It was pretty lonely. I don't know how some people could have their spouses on long business trips. I wouldn't be able to handle it. That weekend it also snowed a lot on Saturday night. Nick almost got stranded in IF for an extra day because I15 was closed because of bad roads. Luckily they opened them and he was home by 4. Unfortunately he brought home a cold with him and now I have been trying to fight it for a week and a half.
Hope all is well with everyone and sorry that this is a little long. But I hope you enjoy!


Dedicated to Cami

This is for my "little" sister Cami. My dad made these videos and wanted to show them to a her "bona fide suitor"! Hope you like them Isaac!!! And you are more than welcome to leave comments and I will pass them along to my dad. LOL!

The following for bona fide suitors only!

Don't worry Cami we still love you!!


I Forgot!

One of the coolest things that happened to me after the General RS broadcast is that I ran into a old friend that I haven't seen in over three years! I met her when I was a nanny in NY and we were in the same ward. She ended up moving to SLC and I drove with her when she moved there. How cool is that?!