In Memory of James Napolean Dean

(Jacob, my nephew, & Jimmy)
This is the Carlson family dog. He passed away last night, Thursday December 4th. Just shy of his 14th birthday, which would have been on Sunday December 7th. My family loved him so much. We have such great memories of him. I know this sounds so sappy because some people think he is just a dog but, like one of my co-workers said, he was part of my childhood. I feel so bad for my parents mostly because right now their are no kids living in the house and he was the only one who didn't leave. Mom & Dad we love you and want you to know that our thoughts & prayers are with you and the rest of the Carlson Family. I just feel so helpless being so far away that I can't be there to help you through this difficult time. Jimmy will always be remembered. I am actually looking forward to Christmas when we can gather as a family for the first time since 2005 and reminisce on the most wonderful dog any family could ask for. I love you Carlson Family and can't wait to see you in about 15 days. (That's for you Ben;-)