Getting out of Debt!!!

So last week Nick made our final payments on my dental bill & our car!!! We only have his student loan to pay off and then we are totally out of debt!! I can't wait till that day. If we continue paying on it and don't put more on it then it will be paid off December 2011!! I know that is still almost two years away, but I can start to see the light and the end of this dark tunnel!


Well...It really

A Girl!!! I'm so excited. I would be happy with a boy too! I'm just glad the baby is doing so well and is healthy. We had the ultrasound done March 1st. They measured all the limbs-which the tech said are long...thanks to my adorable tall husband. All the organs looked great. I would post a pic but I am currently at my brothers house watching the twins and don't have the pic with me. sorry.

The twins are doing great. Growing so big. They went to the doctor this week for their 2 mos check. Jackson is about 8 lbs 12 oz. and Daxton is 9 lbs ? oz. They got their shots and that was not fun to watch. I started to cry when Jackson got his(he got his after Daxton.) The only part that was hard to get used to was waking up at 5:30am and driving to their house which is about 25 miles. But it's been fun. They make the cuttest faces and are starting to giggle. I just can't wait till my little one will join in on the fun.