Getting out of Debt!!!

So last week Nick made our final payments on my dental bill & our car!!! We only have his student loan to pay off and then we are totally out of debt!! I can't wait till that day. If we continue paying on it and don't put more on it then it will be paid off December 2011!! I know that is still almost two years away, but I can start to see the light and the end of this dark tunnel!


Jen said...

GOod luck! It is so nice to feel free :)

Beck said...

Awesome! I wish I could say I'd be done paying off my student loans in 2011...One day. But that is so cool!

Kristin and Seth said...

So I know your belly has got to be growing, you need to post some prego pics!!!! Do you have names picked out, any crafts made? Just wondering!