Man I love the olympics, especially the gymnastics!!! I was able to watch the last competition last night. Shawn Johnson & Nastia Luiken both did amazing. Inside I was screaming the Shawn would win gold. And I guess they heard me all the way in Beijing. SHE WON!!! I actually started to cry. She received, I believe, 2-3 silver medals and this was her last opportunity to win gold and she did it. Way to go Shawn!!!
I do feel really bad for Lolo Jones. She ran the hurdles last night and was doing incredible until the ninth hurdle. Her heel caught on it and she lost the race coming in 7th I believe. A US runner, Don ?, still won gold but a part of me still felt really bad for Lolo.

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Kristin and Seth said...

Yes I love gymnastics! I really thought Nastia was amazing, she is so graceful, she really brings the beauty of gymnastics out! I was so happy Shawn has a chance to win gold she was so happy, her smile could light up the world! Poor Lolo, she was so far ahead, poor girl. oh and is Leslies shower on tues or thurs?