This past weekend we went to Rexburg, Idaho to Travis' wedding, Nick's younger brother. Unfortunately I left my temple recommend in Mt. I didn't even realize it until we pulled up to the temple. I heard the ceremony and the words of wisdom were wonderful. We were able to hang out and spend time with half of his family from Friday to early Sunday morning. A little sleep deprieved but it was worth it.


Beck said...

Don't you just hate it when you forget something that important? It was so nice to hear from you. Looks like you are doing well in Mt. Trent works the Accounts Payable...meaning he gets to pay the school's bills. How about you two?

Carrie said...

You did have them try to call your bishop from the desk, right? I left my recommend the last time we were in Utah, but luckily was able to get in touch with my bishop who called the temple in advance for me.
Sorry that you missed the ceremony!

Brenley said...

Thats too bad you werent able to attend the wedding. I was super afraid we were going to forget ours last week when we had McCoy sealed to us, but thankfully I checked and rechecked and double rechecked! We really miss you guys!