Man am I thankful for wonderful friends especially my sisters. They always call at the right time when I need to talk to someone. Yesterday I was a little depressed, for multiple reasons, and Jessica, my sister, called and even though I didn't feel like talking she helped me feel so much better by just venting a little. Thanks Jess!! Then when I was getting ready for bed and trying to fall asleep I started crying just of the stresses that I have been having lately and Nick let me just talk it out and tried to make me feel better. Man I am so blessed! Thanks to all my friends for being there when I have needed it. You guys are awesome.


Kristin and Seth said...

oh I hope you are hanging in there! I am so sorry we didn't make it to the b-ball game. We would love to go sometime soon though. I think foot baths sound like a great idea. I am sure Julie will lend them to us.How many? I am so greateful that we have had the chance to get to know each other over the years. Love ya!

Brenley said...

Sorry that you are feeling down! I really wish I could be there to cheer you up! We love you!