South Carolina

We had to make an emergency trip to South Carolina the end of August/beginning of September. Nick's dad was not doing well. We made the long 36 hour trip with Nick's brother, Jason, SueAnne, & their daughter Rachael. The trip was long and we were glad to get out of the car and spend time with family. Nick's dad is doing better. We just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers & support. It was much needed and used. Thanks!

While we were in S.C. we did get to do some fun things such as:

go to the beach (1st time in the Atlantic ocean!)

meet & hold my niece Savanah (can you tell I'm sitting in a hospital chair?)

get a front row seat of Nick's fashion show!

& go shopping at the outlet mall (it just happened to be right across the street from our hotel.) & the Market Street vendors & shops. There was a candy store that made salt water taffy & wrapped it. The video shows it better than me trying to explain it.

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SueAnn said...

Man I wish I would have gone there!!
Looks like it was fun!! Hope to see you soon!!