The beginning of May me and two girlfriends went to Billings to Time Out for Women. If you haven't gone I highly recommend it. It was amazing and I received some answers that I was looking for. We had a great time. Especially the great stories that were told that made us cry that we were laughing so hard. Hilary Weeks was the main musical performer. Jenny Oaks Baker, violinist, was there on Friday night w/her step-mom, Kristin Oaks. It was wonderful. I can't remember all of the speakers names but they were all so good. Nick was nice enough to let me take that opportunity to go. It really helped me spiritually.

Then the day came when I turned a quarter of a century old, my little sister reminded me in the card she sent me. At the time I was a little depressed because it didn't seem I am at the place in my life that I feel I want to be at. Didn't feel like I really got a lot accomplished in my 24 years so far. But I still have a lot of years to go so that I can improve and become the person I want to be.

On May 25th we moved into a new little apartment, yes still in Helena. It was too expensive to live in our apartment during the winter. So we are now saving money so that we can hopefully start our family sooner rather than later.

On Memorial day, after moving that morning, we went out with some friends to a lake and were able to do a little bbq & smores. It was a lot of fun. It had been too long since we were able to get together with them. It's always nice to get together with friends and hangout with them.

On May 30th, a really good family friend got married to the sweetest girl. I wasn't able to go the ceremony but I did go to the reception. It was so good to see them & the wonderful decision they made to be married in the temple. I am so proud of you Chris & Elise!

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Beck said...

Yay for time out for women! I think I was going to go when it comes to Richmond. :)