New Job & Baby

Well for those of you who didn't know, Nick got a job!!! Wahoooo!! He is working for Verizon Wireless out of the Salt Lake inbound call center. He is still in training but I think he is starting to like it more. Congrats love!

I am going to start watching my twin nephews this coming Monday. Had a little trial run yesterday which was nice. But it means no more late nights & late mornings.

This week I had hit my half way mark with my pregnancy. I can't believe that in another 20 weeks I am going to have a baby! I am excited, nervous & very happy to have this baby. I can hardly wait to meet him/her.


SueAnn said...

We are so excited for you!! Things seem to be working out great for you both.

Beck said...

Yay on both accounts! Congrats on the halfway mark. I know I counted the days, as I bet you are. :)