South Carolina

Nick & I were able to go to South Carolina for Christmas this year. Not as warm as I was hoping but it was great to be around family. Here are some of the things that we did in South Carolina:
  • watched Ernest takes Christmas (my first time seeing it)
  • got to play with nieces and nephew
  • went to Charleston-Fort Sumpter, Market Street, & ofcourse outlet shopping
  • went to the sealing of our niece Rachael to Jason & SueAnne-probably on of the highlights of the trip
  • had a much needed girls night out-went and saw Blindside (highly recommend it)
  • had a great day after Christmas Christmas with 6 out of the 7 brothers
  • got the best Christmas present ever from Nick's parents-Harley Davidson Baby clothes w/a durag (that's how we told the siblings that we are prego)

We came back on New Years Eve and spent that night with my family hanging out and playing Mario Cart.

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