Wow! I can't believe that it has been over 2 mos since our precious little girl joined our family. A lot has happened.
  • Attended the ground breaking for the Brigham City temple on July 31, 2010
  • Visited my Grandma Carlson in Idaho Falls on either August 7 or 14, 2010
  • Rebekah had her first babysitter so that Nick & I could go to the temple. Thanks Chris & Elise! You guys are awesome!
  • Grandma Joyner, Nick's mom, came out for a visit and for Rebekah's blessing. She came out on Aug. 27th & stayed till Sept 7th.
  • Dora, Travis, Savannah, Tomas, Kristy & Jack all came out for the blessing. They all arrived on Sept. 2nd & stayed till Sept 6th.
  • Little Rebekah was given a name & a blessing by her daddy! Thanks to all that could come! It really meant a lot to us to share that day with friends & family!
  • Rebekah is now sleeping through the night & in her own crib!!!
  • Had a girls night out with my sister Cami & my Mom & of course Rebekah! We went to the Brigham City Peach Queen pagant. It was a lot of fun. I haven't been in at least 5-7 years.
  • Went to Peach Days in good ol Brigham City on Sept. 10th & 11th.

Now for some pics. Nick is really good at taking pics of our little girl. It seems lately that I am just loosing my mind trying to take care of 3 babies. Hopefully I will never have triplets. If so I might need to be admitted to the hospital.

Here's Rebekah a little over a month old. They were taken on 8-11-2010. I loved this outfit on her & now it's too small. It makes me sad that I already had to pack her newborn clothes away. The Harley Davidson blanket was given to me by my brother Dave & sis in law Ashley. I love it!
Rebekah started smiling when she was about a month and a half old. Now she is cooing & sometimes giggling! I just love being her mommy!
One cutie pututie!
This is how we found her one morning (about a month & a half old). She got her arm out of her pajamas through the neck hole. Crazy little girl!
This is my Grandma & Grandpa Anderson. My Mom's parents.
Four generation picture! My grandma Anderson, Rebekah, me & my Mom.
Our cute little strawberry! One of my Mother in law's co workers made this. I just love it!


Beck said...

She is just so precious! So glad you posted more pics. Glad to see that you're doing so well. And you look fabulous by the way. :)

Kristin and Seth said...

She is so cute! I am so happy for you guys! So glad things are going well! Love her hair bows, did you make them? Congrats Again!

Aimee Perschon said...

I am glad you put up a new post, to bad I didn't see it until november. I am just not to good at this blogging stuff. Anyways, i love all her hair bows too. Did you make them? I think about you all the time. Miss you.