So I have been working on some baby girl burp clothes and blanket. I finished the burp clothes a couple of weeks ago and am now working on the blanket. I made it bigger than I expected. I just have to crochet around it one more time but it might be awhile till I finish it because I am trying to teach myself a new pattern to make it look more girly. But I will post the blanket when I am done with it.
The other craft that I made was from Halloween. It actually didn't take me very long to make it and thanks to Ben Franklin Crafts for giving me the idea. And it cost less than $10 to make. I think I am going to make one for Christmas that says JOY.


Jamie J Stansfield said...

super cute! I have tons of those bibs and they are great! When you make the joy when post how...i'd love to make one too!

Beck said...

You are so crafty! Cute, cute, cute. :) We miss you guys!

Brenley said...

Super cute! I didnt know you knew how to do the beautiful edging on blankets and stuff! And I love the BOO!