Man I can't believe that it is almost October! I'm excited for October means fall is here, the leaves are falling and crunching beneath my feet. I love that sound. Also my parents are coming up to visit! They visit about once a year in October over school break! But this year it is only going to be my parents and no sibilings (darn it! I love hanging out with my sibilings!). I think we are going to have a lot of fun! Also this week Nick and I are going to go see our families in Utah!!! Nick told me that he really needed to get away from work for more than a weekend and it works out perfectly because at my work it won't be as busy this week because one of the doctors is out of town!! So I will probably be post some pics from our little adventure to Utah!

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Melanie said...

Hey! I've been keeping posted on your blog, but I just realized that I don't think I've ever given you my blog address. So, if you want to add me it's:
melanie-carlson.blogspot.com. K, see ya!